Thursday, October 7, 2010

No one can Hold the Joy of These Maasai Women in Amboseli

The maasai women decided to spend their day at the borehole site to watch it getting tested and for them to carry some back home. You can see the joy on their faces and this is a big breakthrough for them in the area they live. One day when i went to visit the water driling site, a group of maasai women were passing by where we were and i decided to walk with them as they were going to fetch the water and i wanted to see the distance they walk from home to water station. After walking a few kilometers with them, i felt i didn't have any more energy to walk in the sun for more kilometers and i decided to go back to the site. These women walk with their babies infront and water at the back. They have been leaving home at 9am in the morning to walk to the water station and get home at 2pm. Each one of us can imagine the joy they have after having this borehole drilled next to their homes. The water has been approved clean and hygienic for consumption. We are getting there and everything has been going very well so far.

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